The Great and High God Elohim, Creator of All

There’s so much knowledge in this world, that man’s entire existence will never be enough to consume all information, to learn all there is to know about everything in this world, more so about the universe that is constantly expanding and changing. No man is intelligent enough to perceive the wisdom and the intelligence of the Divine Power behind all creation. Indeed, there is no one in this earth, that is a speck of dust, (Isaiah 40:15) who will ever fathom the knowledge of God. However, knowing God and the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 9:10) is the beginning of all wisdom.

Do you know God?

This is a question which may sound absurd to some, as though it was a question with an answer so obvious that it shouldn’t be asked at all. However, in all its absurdity, I dare ask once more, “Do you know God?”

Now, this question may appear to some, especially to those who regard themselves highly as man of God, learned in all aspects of the Bible as they deemed themselves to be, and in all estimation of themselves an authority in Theological matter, however, I still dare to ask, “Do you know God?”

Rightfully so, you can answer yes or no. As we are who we think we are, we know what we think we know. In all humility, I proclaim no knowledge of my God until I have known God Elohim, who created the heavens and the earth, and moved my heart to realize their existence and their salvation work. And so let me boast, I know God. 

As for the question, “Do you know God?” If indeed you know God Elohim who from the beginning of time has been testified in so many ways in the Bible, and who were prophesied to come as the Spirit and the Bride (Revelations 22:17) in the last days– that is, the day we are living now, then you are among the blessed chosen ones who were graced with the spiritual sight to see God. You definitely understand, this beautiful and amazing love that moves us to the core to reveal to others the love of our Heavenly Father and Mother.

And to you, who in humility knows that you are lacking in the knowledge of God, let not ignorance take over you and drag you to the most unwanted place of all—HELL!! For God said, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”(Hosea 3:6) We all are blinded. All of us were deceived. But deception must come to an end, and only God knows how. We are to learn from their ways if we are to know who God Elohim truly are. “All your sons will be taught by the Lord.” (Isaiah 54:13)

And for them who claim they know God without knowing God Elohim, let it be known that once upon a time all men believed that the earth is the centre of the universe. Imagine the horror of realising the absurdity of this claim after a long time of insistence. There always comes a point when the truth  is revealed and only a person who is humble enough to learn will receive.

So, “Do you know God?”


Author: Daughter of Elohim

A witness of the love of God in the age of the Holy Spirit. A firm believer of Heavenly Mother prophesied to appear in this age in the Bible. A daughter with a mission to find my lost brothers and sisters. A prisoner in this city of refuge. A dreamer hoping for the Kingdom of Heaven. A seeker of truth that she finally found. A lost soul now homebound. A wounded sheep undergoing healing. Thanks to Father Christ Ahnsanghong and Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem for revealing to me my identity.

2 thoughts on “The Great and High God Elohim, Creator of All”

  1. Sorry – just a small point. Because the notion of God evolved rather randomly and borrowed many ideas “Elohim” is indeed an early term for God but as with the im ending on cherubim and seraphim it actually means Gods, not God. I also seem to remember from poast study it has female connotations unlike some of the other terms for God. Remember that the ten commandments also included You shall have no other Gods before me – (because localised Gods were assumed to exist in those days) which is why early accounts of the Jews have them carrying their God in an Ark.


    1. Hi Peddiebill. God bless you! If you want to understand the true and deeper meaning of the first commandment, please visit

      If you have further questions you are always free to ask. Thanks for the interest.


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