New Jerusalem Mother’s Light

The night is illuminated by the splendor of the sky. As I was sitting with my smartphone writing my thoughts, I noticed the light passing through the half opened window,casting the shadows of the neatly tied curtains  in the walls. However, the part of the window that is half closed is blocking the majestic view of the sky that the upper half wall projects only darkness. Seeing this, my Heavenly Mother whose light is being shone throughout the world according to the prophecies of the Bible came to mind. Examining my faith, I asked myself , ” Has my window of faith only half opened that’s why I still cast a shadow of darkness? I realized that we are only as bright as the light that illumines us. Heavenly Mother is the brightest light that remains in this dark world and in the entire universe.  With a resolute and determined faith, this light will shine through me absolutely and completely. Animo!!!!!!


Author: Daughter of Elohim

A witness of the love of God in the age of the Holy Spirit. A firm believer of Heavenly Mother prophesied to appear in this age in the Bible. A daughter with a mission to find my lost brothers and sisters. A prisoner in this city of refuge. A dreamer hoping for the Kingdom of Heaven. A seeker of truth that she finally found. A lost soul now homebound. A wounded sheep undergoing healing. Thanks to Father Christ Ahnsanghong and Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem for revealing to me my identity.

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