Fragrance on Sabbath

This blessed Sabbath, I give thanks to God Elohim for allowing so much grace and blessings. Each Sabbath is a day of renewal. I come to understand more and more the love of my Heavenly Parents and I desire to give back the love They have lavished in my life. No words can truly amount to the joy I feel because of the favors I received from heaven. I simply couldn’t wait for the glorious day of our return home!


Author: Daughter of Elohim

A witness of the love of God in the age of the Holy Spirit. A firm believer of Heavenly Mother prophesied to appear in this age in the Bible. A daughter with a mission to find my lost brothers and sisters. A prisoner in this city of refuge. A dreamer hoping for the Kingdom of Heaven. A seeker of truth that she finally found. A lost soul now homebound. A wounded sheep undergoing healing. Thanks to Father Christ Ahnsanghong and Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem for revealing to me my identity.

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