Three Decades in Prison

Three decades…

She was locked up in a prison cell.

She lay waiting for tomorrow

not knowing if it will ever come

Or if it does, how will she ever know?

For there was nothing in that cold prison cell,

But the cold ground where she rest her weak body

And light was a luxury she was cursed not to afford.

I saw her suffer from one pain to another.

Those inexplicable aches from too much longing,

The moaning of an empty being

She wanted to fill.

It was a thirst she couldn’t quench on her own,

She was nothing but a dying ember,

Flickering at every blow,

and soon will turn into mere ashes

Defeated at the death of the last spark.

One thing is certain.

She will soon die and depart in that world miserable,

and when it comes, it would be the end of her pain,

From the agony of life, she went on suffering the agony of waiting

Uncertain of the agony of death that is yet to come.

There was no hope.

But just when the last spark began to die

The love of her mother ignited her heart,

Kept it ablaze, and burning.

For once she felt the warmth of a touch

Light was lavishly given her,

and her thirst was quenched by the everlasting water

That revived her life and gave her hope to live.

Three decades of confusion

And finally she understood

She was a prisoner pardoned.

She was a sinner commissioned.

To live as a witness of the love of her mother

To redirect her life and regain the honour of her Father.


Author: Daughter of Elohim

A witness of the love of God in the age of the Holy Spirit. A firm believer of Heavenly Mother prophesied to appear in this age in the Bible. A daughter with a mission to find my lost brothers and sisters. A prisoner in this city of refuge. A dreamer hoping for the Kingdom of Heaven. A seeker of truth that she finally found. A lost soul now homebound. A wounded sheep undergoing healing. Thanks to Father Christ Ahnsanghong and Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem for revealing to me my identity.

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