[God the Mother]The Courage to Face the Truth

"World Mission Society Church Of God"

Fixed ideameans one of an obsessional nature, that is persistently maintained and not subject to change.  In daily life, having it can be considered mere nothing. But in religious life, having it is dangerous thing because it is directly connected to the matter of our soul. What are the fixed ideas in a life of faith?Typically there istruth of God theMother.

God the Mother 4

 Why do they deny and reject God the Mother whom the Bible teaches?Some would not acknowledge the truth even though the existence of God the Mother is proven from the Bible. Also, there are people who say that they just do not want to talk anymore because they have never heard such teachings while attending the church for several decades. The truth ofGod the Mother might sound very strange. So they sometimes say, “It’s a new view” or “it’s a new theory”…

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Author: Daughter of Elohim

A witness of the love of God in the age of the Holy Spirit. A firm believer of Heavenly Mother prophesied to appear in this age in the Bible. A daughter with a mission to find my lost brothers and sisters. A prisoner in this city of refuge. A dreamer hoping for the Kingdom of Heaven. A seeker of truth that she finally found. A lost soul now homebound. A wounded sheep undergoing healing. Thanks to Father Christ Ahnsanghong and Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem for revealing to me my identity.

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